Teina Pora to get his $2.5M as legal challenge mooted

Teina Pora to get his $2.5M as legal challenge mooted

Teina Pora will be able to get the $2.5 million the Crown has offered as compensation, as he considers whether to challenge for more money.

Justice Minister Amy Adams on Wednesday offered an official apology as well as $2.5 million for Mr Pora's wrongful imprisonment for the rape and murder of Auckland woman Susan Burdett in 1992.

He spent more than two decades behind bars for the crime, before ultimately having his convictions quashed.

Mr Pora's legal team has said it was disappointed with the amount, saying they'd take time to consider their options.

On Friday, Ms Adams confirmed the Government has agreed to Mr Pora's request to receive the sum of money on offer immediately "while still reserving his right to challenge the decision not to apply inflation to non-pecuniary losses and that decision has been communicated to Mr Pora's legal team".

"It is expected that payment will be made as soon as the necessary information has been received from Mr Pora's team," she says.

It is likely most of the money will go into a trust, while Mr Pora will use some as spending money.