Teina Pora wants Malcolm Rewa prosecuted for murder

Teina Pora says police should prosecute Malcolm Rewa again over the 1992 murder of Susan Burdett -- a crime Mr Pora wrongly spent 21 years in jail for.

Mr Pora had his murder conviction quashed by the Privy Council in March last year, and earlier this month was awarded a $2.5 million payout for wrongful incarceration.

Rewa has been convicted of Ms Burdett's rape, but on two different occasions juries were unable to reach a verdict on murder charges.

In an interview with Stuff, Mr Pora says "there's no doubt" in his mind that there needs to be another prosecution brought against Rewa.

"If they do their job properly and have a look at everything, which Tim [McKinnel], my private investigator has given -- he's given them all the evidence -- and they still don't want to do nothing about it," he said.

Mr Pora says there seems to be little interest in pursuing a case against Rewa but he and the Burdett family still need closure.

"They're still sitting at home wondering, 'What's the system gonna do? What are they going to do about it?" he said.

"If I had the chance [to speak to Rewa] face to face, I would just like to say to him, 'Hey man, do the right thing'."

There's been some outrage at how small Mr Pora's compensation package was, but he has clear ideas on how he is going to spend his money.

"I would love to go travel around the word -- I can finally do that now. I don't have to jump over a wall to go travel around the world. I can walk through customs and walk over that borderline," he said.

He also says he wants to give some money to battling cancer, as his mother died from the disease.