Witness: Tully became 'aggressive and unhappy'

Tully in court this morning (Newshub.)
Tully in court this morning (Newshub.)

The man accused of the double fatal Work and Income shooting in 2014 was removed from court as the second day of his trial got underway in Christchurch.

The Crown alleges Russell John Tully, 49, went on a rampage at the Ashburton office because of a perceived injustice against him by the social agency. 

Work and Income workers Peggy Noble and Leigh Cleveland were killed in the shooting.

Tully, who denies the charges, was present at the start of today’s hearing, but became disruptive as the registrar called the first witness and was removed from the court.

The trial will hear evidence from over 80 witnesses.

Tully is led away in a wheelchair (Newshub)

The assistant manager of the Ashburton Work and Income office has told the court staff at the office found Tully intimidating, and dealings with him were never nice.

Jaimee Carrodus says she met with Tully on several occasions when he applied for a bike, food and social housing through Work and Income.

"He was very demanding and manipulative to staff, he would come into the centre telling us what he would be entitled to," she says.

Regional director of Work and Income Canterbury, Shane Carter, says Tully was trespassed in the weeks prior to the shooting after becoming aggressive and unhappy with the assistance being offered to him.