Auckland a capella festival attracts top singers

Auckland a capella festival attracts top singers

A capella singers from all over the world are here to take part in the Pan Pacific Harmony festival being held at Auckland's Aotea Centre.

The competition - for under 25 year olds - incorporates the international Rising Star award. It's the first time it's been held outside the US or Canada.

It's even lured the Godfather of contemporary a capella, and vocal producer behind the popular Pitch Perfect films, Deke Sharon.

"New Zealand is an early adaptor of weaving together all different styles of music, both traditional and modern," he says.

"The a capella scene here in New Zealand is unbelievable, I've been so impressed with the groups that I've heard here so far."

Along with Mr Sharon, Matt Gifford is one of this year's judges. In 2014 his barbershop quartet was crowned world champions.

"Deke has done an incredible job in his lifetime of promoting and championing a capella singing so actively and moving it into the mainstream media," Mr Gifford says.

A capella has gone from strength-to-strength in popularity both here and internationally.

"Maybe people are tired of too many synthesizers and over tuned voices in popular music," says Mr Sharon.

On the world stage, New Zealand punches above its weight reflected in the festival's turnout.

"I think we're extremely blessed to have music embedded as a core part of the fabric life here in New Zealand, and we believe that everyone loves to sing," says Mr Gifford.

And if you love to sing Mr Sharon is hosting classes for the public.