Brides-to-be left in limbo over dresses

Brides-to-be left in limbo over dresses

Every girl dreams of her wedding dress, and these days the options can be endless.

Lower Hutt woman Regina Tang had her eye on her dream dress before she was even engaged, and late last year she bought it.

"We paid for a deposit, 50 percent, which was $2800.Got all the measurements made, everything all good," she said.

But it wasn't. The bride-to-be found out through the media that the company Primrose and Finch, whom she bought the dress off, had gone into liquidation.

"When I look back on my wedding, I really hope this doesn't happen, but is going to be what I'm going to remember," she said.

She's not alone. Melbourne woman Angela Lawson doesn't know what she'll be wearing when she walks down the aisle next month.

"In total I paid $4700 and I don't have a dress, and I'm getting married in 28 days."

Newshub emailed and phoned Primrose and Finch for comment on Saturday but hasn't had any response. However, in an email the liquidator says the company has received more than $100,000 in deposits or final payments for goods that haven't been supplied.

Vinka Design has been creating bridal dresses for almost 60 years in Auckland, and designer Anita Turner-Williams says for brides, it's all about the dress.

"The dress is the one thing for themselves. The other things - cakes and flowers and food - it's for everyone, but the wedding dress is for them, and so this has to be perfect; it has to make them feel beautiful," she said.

Like many other stockists she's offered to help those left in limbo.

"We work all hours. We've churned out dresses in less than 10 days if we have to," Ms Turner-William said.

Ms Tang says she feels for other brides in the same boat.

"It's been really terrible. You don't know what to do. I don't know what to do."

And sadly, she's not alone.