Bumping boombox collection up for grabs

Bumping boombox collection up for grabs

A Dunedin man has put his boombox collection up for sale, which includes more than 300 of the vintage devices.

Craig Kenton's love affair with boomboxes started when his parents bought one for him at age 13.

"I used to go to shops and goggle through the windows at the bigger ones," he says.

They're now coming back into fashion, but Mr Kenton no longer has room for them all.

"There's a lot of history here for people our age, back from the 80s in the breakdancing days and the hip hop scene."

"I've grown it as far as I can."

Bumping boombox collection up for grabs

One of the ghetto blasters even featured in a Madonna music video.

The collection has been listed on Trade Me and so far it's garnered nearly 19,000 views. It has to sell as a set - Mr Kenton says he wouldn't sell them individually.

"To me they're pieces of art from a long forgotten era... everything's digital now, in a virtual world which you don't get to touch."

Many have come from around New Zealand, off Trade Me or from Australia. Mr Kenton even taught himself how to fix the busted ones.

"I've saved a few from the tip," he says. "A lot of people don't think they're worth anything."

The reserve for the collection is $20,000 and no bids have been made yet.


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