Charity offers free surgery to those in need

Charity offers free surgery to those in need

Many Kiwis in pain and agony can't afford to pay for health insurance or private surgery, meaning they will have to reply on ACC or the public health system.

But it's likely to be expensive and if not the result of an accident, ACC will not pay for it. So who are you supposed to turn to?

One charity, the Auckland Charity Hospital Trust (ARCH), offers free surgeries - from hips to haemorrhoids - and it allows surgeons like Matt Brick who can treat young patients with no financial means to fund surgery.

ARCH provides free elective surgery for those who need it but can't afford it.

"Conditions may not be life threatening for patients but often painful, debilitating and interfere with their daily lives," says Luigi Sussman, who set up the Trust.

Story went to meet two sports-mad patients who have benefited from ARCH and one who's on his way to Rio thanks to the surgery they provided.

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