Christchurch dump dodgers caught on CCTV

Christchurch dump dodgers caught on CCTV

Two women, with the help of at least one child, have been caught on camera dumping waste illegally on a Christchurch street. 

The camera's owner says roadside dumping is rife in the area and wants it to stop.

The pair were caught red-handed in broad daylight - filmed leaving household waste on the footpath of a cul-de-sac in the Christchurch suburb of Bromley.

The footage was shot by a security camera on Sunday afternoon.

"I don't know that we will catch them - but hopefully they'll see it themselves and it will stop them from doing it again," Canterbury Waterblast owner Jane Diver said.

"You know there's cameras everywhere and you'll get caught - so don't do it again."

Ms Diver says illegal dumping happens extremely regularly in the area, and piles by the side of the road are very common.

Earlier this year, the council voted to increase the maximum fine for public dumping from $100 to $400 in the hope of deterring illegal dumpers.

Ironically, Ms Diver's property is just over 1km from a public refuse station, but Brent Wall - who paid $63 to dump a truckload legally - says the cost might be putting some people off.

"I think the problem is that a lot of the stuff that's getting dumped are things that are just big and clumsy, and people don't want to dump them because they're going to be quite expensive to dump," he said.

"So they just throw them on the side of the road and hope that someone else will pick them up and get rid of them."

Ms Diver says much of what was dumped over the weekend could have been dropped off for free to be recycled.

She hasn't yet called police to report the illegal dumpers but warns if it continues, she will.


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