Christchurch one of worst-affected by methamphetamine

  • 12/07/2016

A leading drug researcher says stress, gangs and an influx of young men are fuelling demand for methamphetamine in Canterbury.

Senior Black Power members have told Newshub New Zealand is in the grip of its second P epidemic.

Massey University's Dr Chris Wilkins says Christchurch is worst affected for a number of reasons.

"A lot of local Christchurch gangs have been patched over by national gangs and that’s increasing supply of methamphetamine to Christchurch. Or it could be other causes, like more stress related to the earthquakes and the rebuild."

Dr Wilkins adds young male construction workers are fuelling demand with the group statistically more likely to use drugs like meth.

He says the spread of meth use is part of a worldwide trend.

"Increasingly we receive methamphetamine from the Americas, Central Asia and the Middle East. It's coming to Australia and New Zealand, so I think New Zealand's part of that overall trend."