Cuts make helping unemployed back into work harder

Cuts make helping unemployed back into work harder

A major shake-up is taking place by the Ministry of Social Development.

There are 144,000 unemployed people in New Zealand and the ministry wants to get 10,000 people into work in the regions.

To make this happen, centres are paid to help train people and get them employment. But the budget is being cut and more than half of the funding for training providers is being removed in Wellington.

For Sue Bowerman, what started as a design school has, over the years, morphed into helping the long-term unemployed into employment.

"They don't know how to write a CV, they don't know about cover letters , they don't know about interview skills, a lot of them don't have internet and don't know how to use it," says Ms Bowerman.

But there's no teaching happening at the school anymore, just packing because funding has been cut.

So what happens to the students, those in similar positions and why is this happening?

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