Driver care advised ahead of 120km/h Gisborne gusts

  • 23/07/2016

In anticipation of severe gales in Gisborne overnight, motorists travelling on the region's roads are being urged to exercise caution.

Gusts of up 120km/h are expected in some parts of the coastal town, with blustery conditions anticipated to start on Saturday night and last until first light on Sunday.

Police say the gales will make driving hazardous, and urge motorists to be wary of the conditions.

They say drivers of high-sided vehicles and motorcyclists are at most risk of being affected, and will need to show particular caution.

And it's not just drivers police are concerned about - it's residents too.

Police have warned that items around Gisborne properties may get caught up in the gusts, and advise owners of trampolines and outdoor furniture to ensure it won't blow away in the night.