Fairfax, NZ Herald pull out of Rio Olympics

  • 21/07/2016

A fight over broadcast rights with Olympics rights holder Sky TV has forced the New Zealand Herald and Fairfax Media to pull out of covering the Rio games.

The New Zealand Herald and Fairfax Media believe they should have better video and TV rights under the agreement with the pay television company.

"It's pretty disappointing for Kiwis in that the news coverage won't be what it could have been," says Sky TV spokesperson Kirsty Way.

"Sky stands by its news access rules that they're the most generous in the whole world and have been acceptable worldwide, but apparently they're not acceptable to our news agencies in New Zealand."

However, Shayne Currie, managing editor of NZME, says talks with the broadcaster have been fruitless.

"We’ve been asking Sky for the last few months that we do need these fair use provision rules under the copyright act included in our agreement, but they have said they will not be doing that," he says.

Herald sports reporter Andrew Alderson tweeted the news earlier on Thursday.