Jobs and land galore in Kaitangata

A store in Kaitangata (Google Maps)
A store in Kaitangata (Google Maps)

Kaitangata has a jobs problem perhaps unique among small New Zealand towns - there are too many.

There are only two people without jobs in the entire town of 800, but at least 100 vacancies waiting to be filled.

Three-bedroom standalone houses are now being offered for only $230,000. There are currently 30 sections available, with the houses being built to order.

Clutha District Mayor Bryan Cadogan says they come with "stunning views out over the delta".

"It's a neat wee town with some really positive people."

Since the news of the town's welcome plight went global, he's been "smashed" with inquiries.

"I think my PA is going to throttle me. I started trying to answer all the things myself - I gave up, there's over 5000 messages on my phone. I know the council website's full. It's just phenomenal."

The average house in New Zealand costs $577,829, more than twice as much. In Auckland, $230,000 would barely even get you a deposit on the average house - typical prices there are over $900,000.

"We've got so many jobs in the district, jobs aren't a problem. We've got the jobs, the affordable housing, the lifestyle - we're pretty lucky," says Mr Cadogan.

So far they've sold three of the house and land packages, and despite the overwhelming interest, Mr Cadogan says they "won't run out".

"We're lucky. It's just the way it is."

Kaitangata's economy is largely based around coal mining.