Lost family saved after night on mountain

Lost family saved after night on mountain

It was a cold night for a family of four lost on Mt Pirongia who'd gone out for a school holiday walk.

A dozen police and Hamilton search and rescue staff spent the night looking for the 36-year-old woman and her daughters, aged 15, 10 and seven.

They were found early Thursday morning around 3:10am.

The family were reported missing to police around 8:50pm on Wednesday after they'd headed off for a walk up to the Pahuatea hut near the mountain's summit.

The group had followed a track from the western side of the mountain, but underestimated how long the walk would take.

They called for help after nightfall when they realised they had become lost and didn't have enough clothing or equipment for a night in the bush.

Other than being cold and tired, police say the family are doing well and are being walked out by the search teams.

Police say the family's ordeal is a reminder to be prepared for the conditions and planning ahead, including checking the weather forecast.