Lotto fever as jackpot rises to $30M

Lotto fever as jackpot rises to $30M

Lotto's Powerball jackpot has reached a cool $30 million after Wednesday night's draw wasn't won.

If there's no win again tonight, the jackpot could hit $34 million, cracking the country's largest ever win.

However, if one person wins tonight's jackpot, it would be the second biggest prize in Lotto's history, following the $33 million won by a self-described "Westie" back in 2013.

Today, stores were full of hopeful punters lining up to buy their tickets.

"We've just sold around 600 tickets today," says one Lotto store owner.

"It definitely has been a lot busier. You get people who wouldn't normally be coming in to buy a ticket," says another.

In an online poll by Newshub, 46 percent of people say they'd use the money to pay off debt, while only 4 percent say they'd give it to charity.

Kiwis listed the things they would buy with their win -- a dog, a boat, a holiday home and a new car.

We also did our own calculations for you, and came up with some other options. If you won, you could buy:

If the jackpot continues to roll over, Lotto New Zealand says a must-be-won draw will be called at $40 million.

Most people we spoke to agree on the answer to one question -- if they won, they wouldn't go back to work.


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