Mangere armed offenders call out


A 20-year-old man has been arrested at a Papakura business after threatening the use of explosives.

Police were called to the scene at around 10.30am by mental health services who were concerned.

It was originally thought the man was locked inside a residential address on Henwood road in Mangere, however Inspector Kerry Watson says police located the man elsewhere around 2pm.

"We made some phone calls and it just happened purely by chance that when we made that call the person was present," says Insp Watson.

It was believed he had access to homemade explosives however police are yet to confirm whether anything has been found inside the house.

"We've virtually finished clearing that address, I can't tell you what's been found there yet because the address has not properly been cleared but we are fairly confident that the level of risk has lowered considerably."

The bomb squad, armed offenders squad and specialist search teams will remain at the scene. A 200 metre cordon remains in place.

However, residents should be able to return to their homes before 5pm.

Police say no charges have been laid and they are not treating the situation as criminal.

"At this stage we are dealing with it more as a mental health situation, mental health services are now giving that person the help that he needs, if we find anything of an explosive nature we will consider that but at this stage we are dealing with it purely for mental health reasons," says Insp Watson.


Mangere armed offenders call out