Matterhorn to open to a city of 14 million in China

Matterhorn to open to a city of 14 million in China

If you've ever lived in Wellington, you'll know the Matterhorn has been an institution since 1963.

It's a place for everyone from punks to politicians; Fat Freddy's Drop recorded an album there, it’s the venue of Elijah Wood's 21st birthday, and Louis Armstrong even turned up in 1964 for dinner, drinks and a jam.

But it's the latest to be snapped up by overseas investors and the doors will soon lead somewhere entirely new and different - China.

A vibrant mega city of 14 million people, Xian will be home to the Matterhorn - but what else will be on offer?

The restaurant will be staffed by Kiwis, although they're not sure what to expect.

"It's probably going to be one of the most frustrating, difficult experiences of our lives from a work point of view," says co-owner Mark Keddell.

Co-owner Sean Marshall says Mandarin classes will begin next week, with the staff going over to Xian.

"We're really pumped actually, we're excited. We're looking forward to competing in an international environment, see how we measure up - you know?"

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