Naz walks out of Story interview

Naz walks out of Story interview

You probably know her name by now because she's one of the country's most controversial bachelorettes.

Story caught up with Naz in what was supposed to be a straightforward interview about her charity fight this week but it was anything but.

When asked about Team Naz and how big the team was, she walked out of the interview.

The questions were too overwhelming.

"I've been quite emotional and just before, I always try to put a brave face, but sometimes it just gets a little bit too much," Naz explains after walking out.

"Unfortunately I've been portrayed as a villain in this country and it's all thanks to a reality TV show."

When Story jumps in the ring with Naz, it's clear she knows what she's doing and even has a few tips.

So is she nervous about jumping in the ring and does she have what it takes to win?

Watch the video for the full Story report.