Passionate haka fires back at modern gender roles

  • 28/07/2016
Passionate haka fires back at modern gender roles

A powerful haka performed at the national kapa haka competition for secondary school students has drawn praise for fighting against a ruling saying the boys couldn't use the poi.

Students at Hato Pāora College, a Catholic boarding school, had criticised rules saying boys-only schools couldn't use the traditional poi in their haka.

Instead, the poi had to be substituted for mau rākau, traditional Māori weaponry.

The rule was overturned before the competition and the boys were allowed to perform with the poi.

They chose to target the organisers of the event and the initial rules during the haka, using yellow poi to signify their school colours.

"No reira e te Komiti e, nei taku urupare ki te ture e, kei warewaretia tona whakapapa," the boys sang - "To the Committee, we questioned your rules because you forgot the genealogy of the poi."

Thursday was the fourth day of the national competition.