PlayStation surprise for robbed Hamilton boy

PlayStation surprise for robbed Hamilton boy

A Hamilton boy whose PlayStation was stolen, while he was playing it, had the surprise of his life on Thursday morning when the gaming company gave him a new replacement console.

Nine-year-old Sam Wigzell was playing Minecraft when a crook wandered in, unplugged his PlayStation and walked out with it.

Sam had heard a knock on the door. He knew better than to answer it to strangers, so rushed round the house locking up and hid in his room.

The burglar managed to get through the back door and soon found Sam in his room, armed with a Nerf gun.

And while mum Renee would rather Sam had immediately called for help, she's incredibly proud of the way he handled himself.

On Thursday the house was broken into again, the family's flatmate's TV removed and dumped on the front lawn.

But PlayStation sent Sam a new console after hearing his story, putting the smile back on his face.