Police search for missing hunter in Blue Mountains

  • 17/07/2016
Police search for missing hunter in Blue Mountains

A helicopter equipped with night-vision equipment will be used in the search for a hunter missing in the Blue Mountains northwest of Balclutha.

The man was hunting in a small group yesterday. While his companions returned around 2pm, he did not come out of the bush with them, and they notified police around 11am this morning.

Police and LandSAR teams have located some footprints of interest, and are continuing to scour the area north of Clydevale where he was hunting.

The man is understood to have a lighter with him, and searchers are hopeful that this light source will be picked up on the night-vision equipment used by the helicopter.

The man has also fired shots from his rifle, which is helping searchers pinpoint his location.

It is understood the man had basic hunting gear but was not prepared to be out overnight, in what has been very cold conditions.

The search will continue throughout the night.