Shot Rotorua man was on electronically-monitored bail


The man shot by police in Rotorua on Thursday was on electronically-monitored bail, the Department of Corrections has confirmed.

"Corrections can confirm that the man who was shot by police in Rotorua yesterday was not on home detention," a Corrections spokesperson says.

"Corrections is not managing him on any sentence."

Police won't say whether or not the man was breaching his bail conditions while an investigation into the shooting is underway.

Police suspect the man was high on methamphetamine during the incident on Thursday. He was Tasered three times and pepper-sprayed before officers fired on him twice.

He was flown to Waikato Hospital and remains in a critical condition.

The whole incident was livestreamed on Facebook by a family passing through Rotorua, who say they were terrified as the man tried to get into nearby cars to escape police.

TJ Natana, his partner and the four children in the car came back with a family video that won't hold such good memories.

The children panicked as they heard police gunshots and then saw the 35-year-old man lying on the ground being treated by police.

"It's alright baby. We're safe in our car because the policemen are doing their job," Mr Natana's partner is heard saying in the video.

"They were sort of shocked to see it all happen in front of them," Mr Natana told Newshub on Friday.

"My daughter's yelling, 'Close the car, lock the windows', we were saying, 'We're okay, we're safe'."

Earlier, Mr Natana says the man had tried to escape in a car right in front of theirs.

"We just noticed him trying to open up and yell at the lady, and she must've already had the doors locked," Mr Natana says.

"And then the officer came in front of my car and told him hey, drop the weapon."

Another motorist filmed the moment the man was shot.

Witnesses say he was making his way towards the Redwood Shopping centre, waving a stick with a blade on the end.

"He was fully amped, doing haka in middle of road," Mr Natana says.

"Looked like [he] meant business, he was ready to hit cop if he came any closer."

Shopkeepers who spoke with Newshub on Friday say they're supportive of the police decision to shoot the man.

They say the shopping centre was very busy with many people, including children, and they were fearful for their safety.

The 35-year-old man, who shopkeepers say is known to them as a local, has not been charged by police yet as he remains in a critical condition.

An investigation has been launched into the shooting.