Tauranga housing crisis reaches breaking point

Tauranga housing crisis reaches breaking point

Skyrocketing house and rent prices in Auckland have seen people pushed out of their homes and living in their cars, garages or even on the streets.

But this crisis isn't just affecting Auckland - it's happening in other parts of New Zealand, and even in tourist hotspots and retirement havens like Tauranga.

Similar to Auckland, community groups are now leading the effort to help these families get back on their feet, offering solutions and stepping into the gap where social housing once did.

Te Tuinga Whanau opened a few weeks ago and has been housing homeless families. It takes a holistic approach where families can stay six to ten weeks and are assigned social workers.

The objective is to find accommodation, but issues leading up to that point need to be dealt with as well - and Tauranga is at breaking point.

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