The research showing why your kids should get dirty

The research showing why your kids should get dirty

It's been miserable weather these school holidays, so kids have probably been locked inside, safe, secure and clean - away from the mud and dirt outside.

But according to new research, dirt is good for kids, as it develops the immune system making them less prone to allergies.

Dr Mary Reubush says children should be exposed to mud regularly from birth because, simply put, it's better for their health.

For some Auckland parents, they're paying to have their kids spend time outside and in the mud. At Consciouskids holiday programme, mud and dirt is best and there are no rules.

There are also no TVs, tablets, or technology - and not even a building in sight.

It's about kids getting outside, getting their hands and feet dirty and breathing in fresh air.

But how much dirt is too much dirt? And what's the right amount of exposure?

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