The top five greatest sporting meltdowns ever

The top five greatest sporting meltdowns ever

The past month has seen some excellent additions into the ever-popular pantheon of sub-par sporting performances.

 Forget about winning or losing, we’re talking about tantrums.

From Ronaldo's histrionics at Euro 2016 (congrats on the win, btw) to tennis player Viktor Troicki's bizarre Wimbledon outburst, it's been a purple period for expressions of in-game outrage.

For many athletes, memories of their behaviour will far outlast their sporting feats.

Ask anyone what they know of American tennis legend John McInroe, and it’s less likely that they’ll rattle off his seven Grand Slam titles, than recall his reputation for firing up at the umpires.

In celebration of truly bad behaviour by sporting brats, Story has compiled the top five sporting tantrums from around the world.

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