Uber and Lewis Road a tasty partnership

Uber driver Sam Hill with Ginger the cow and Lewis Road ice cream (Supplied)
Uber driver Sam Hill with Ginger the cow and Lewis Road ice cream (Supplied)

Three cities across New Zealand are taking part in a global Uber Ice Cream day, partnering with the Eat My Lunch programme and Lewis Road Creamery to provide a special treat for Uber users and  children in need.

Uber Ice Cream Day is taking place across more than 400 cities and 69 countries on July 15, the fifth time the ride-share company has run the event. 

They're getting a helping hand from Lewis Road Creamery, who have developed a one-day-only ice cream flavour - those who download the app on Friday can get two tubs for free, or it's $20 for those who already have the app. 

The 120ml Premium Strawberry ice cream will be available with Uber orders from 11am.

Uber has also partnered with the Eat My Lunch school programme, where for every one Uber ice cream order placed, one tub will be donated as a back-to-school treat for kids in need. So far Eat My Lunch has delivered over 200,000 lunches to kids in low decile schools across Hamilton and Auckland.

Lewis Road Creamery's one-day-only strawberry ice cream (Supplied)

Uber is expecting to deliver thousands of tubs of ice cream on Friday, head of operations for New Zealand Richard Menzies says.

"This is the largest Uber Ice Cream Day ever, with almost twice as many cities taking part as last year," he says.

"It's always an extremely popular global day and all eyes will be on New Zealand as we are the first in the world to kick it off."

Lewis Road Creamery founder Peter Cullinane says this team was excited by the challenge of creating a new flavour. The company has just launched a double-caramel flavoured milk with Kiwi chef Chelsea Winter.

"Our Premium Strawberry Ice Cream is made the old fashioned way with whole cream, milk, eggs and real strawberries," Mr Cullinane says.

Uber has been in the news for other reasons recently, with taxi drivers in Christchurch protesting against the service, saying it's created an uneven playing field as they don't face the regulatory costs that taxis do.

Uber Ice Cream Day takes place on Friday in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch between 11am-5pm.