Unitary Plan: What you need to know


The Auckland Unitary Plan has been released today. The document is set to become the blueprint for Auckland's future, determining what can be built and where across the city for the next 10 years. 

Unitary Plan: What you need to know

Auckland Unitary Plan Zoning Map by NewshubNZ on Scribd

This is a standard single property on a section with private open space

The panel has recommended single home properties make up 8,561ha while the council would like 10,962ha

That would make single home properties 22 per cent less of Auckland's total long-term housing

The most widespread residential zone in the city

This allows for up to four dwellings of up to two storeys without resource consent

The panel would like to see MHS make up 14344ha compared to the council recommendation of 15048ha

That would be an increase of 5 percent on the current size of the zone

This zone is generally located between MHS and apartment building zones

Allows for three-storey dwellings without resource consent in locations close to public transport

The panel would like 48 percent more mixed urban housing (MUH) than the council

The panel would like MUH to make up 7530ha compared to the 5097ha the council wants

This zone allows for terraced housing and apartments

These zones will be located around towns and local centres as well as being close to public transport

The council would like to see these zones make up 1983ha, while the panel has called for 2485ha, 25 percent more


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