Video: Subway employee rescued from locked storeroom


They came for sandwiches, they left as heroes.

When Amandeep Singh walked into the Newmarket Subway on Sunday night, he heard a loud banging sound.

Then he heard screams coming from the storeroom, where an employee working the night shift alone had become trapped.

She didn't have her phone on her, so had no way of calling for help other than yelling - which Mr Singh fortunately heard.

"The girl was screaming 'help me help me, I am locked inside the chiller'," says Mr Singh.

"Initially I thought that someone was watching a movie, but then I heard the knocking sound."

The man called his wife Rezi, who was waiting outside in the car. She came to help and after around 20 seconds, managed to pry open the door and catch the young women who collapsed into her arms crying.

"Thank you very much, I was so scared. It's been two hours I was in there," she said.

Mr Singh said he recorded the video as evidence.

"I decided to record the video just in case it was not a fake call, or if Subway people accuse us of entering the premises."

Acknowledging the incident, Subway says the staff member "forgot how to get back in".

"Fortunately, yes, a customer was able to help out which was great. The staff member will be returning to work as normal on Wednesday," says spokesperson Ben Miles.