Wanted: Roaming dogs in Invercargill

  • 01/07/2016
Wanted: Roaming dogs in Invercargill

Two "large" wandering dogs are wanted because they could be related to two attacks in Invercargill - one where another dog was mauled to death.

The Invercargill City Council is appealing to the public for information after the dog attacks and several sightings of large dogs roaming the Richmond/Glengarry area.

The first attack was on Tuesday, June 28, on Lithgow St, where a chihuahua was attacked and killed by two dogs believed to be a rottweiler and a German shepherd. Early the next day on Bamborough St, a man was chased by two dogs described as rottweilers.

On June 30, on Mary St a bichon frise was attacked and killed and its owner suffered multiple bite wounds to her right hand.

Council compliance team leader Kerry Kawe is asking any information, or sightings of wandering dogs in the area.

"It is not known if the attacks are related but there have been two further sightings of wandering dogs in the area," he says, "On Thursday a rottweiler and German shepherd were spotted roaming in Yarrow St."

Mr Kawe said Animal Services would be increasing patrols in the area, as the council has zero tolerance for wandering dogs.

The public are asked to contact Animal Services officer Peter Jones with any sightings and dispatch officers will be sent out immediately.

"If people are confronted by aggressive, roaming dogs we advise, for their own safety, that they go inside, get into a vehicle or behind a gate on a nearby property and contact us.  It is safer to let us deal with the animals."