Wellington Council slammed over cycleway project


A disgruntled former Wellington City Council advisor has slammed the organisation's "disgusting toxic culture" which he says is worse than that of Siberia or Kazakhstan.

Pete Whiting, an Australian contractor brought in to advise on cycleways, made the damning comments in an email sent to councillors following his quitting.

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves in the way you treat each other and the issue," Mr Whiting wrote in the email, which was sent on to Fairfax Media.

"I am just disgusted at the toxic culture I witnessed... I also found the lack of teamwork, cohesion, vision and unity of council astounding. I expect this in the community, not in council."

Mr Whiting left the role after just four months, saying it was the first time he'd worked with a council that would "bury its head in the sand over transport and future transport issues".

Last month, Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown conceded the Council's handling of the divisive $1.2m Island Bay cycleway project was a "mistake".