Beekeepers stung by ongoing honey thefts

Beekeepers stung by ongoing honey thefts

The net is closing in on honey thieves who have put beekeepers across the country millions of dollars out of pocket.

The apiculture industry is teaming up with police to catch them. ApiNZ spokesman Daniel Paul believes a new national programme will help track the movement of hives.

"All hives are registered. We can track the owner. That's part of the solution package that we are considering, making sure police have access to information that allows them to know who the owner of those hives actually is."

Mr Paul says criminals must have extensive beekeeping knowledge to carry out the thefts.

"You or I couldn't just walk up to a couple of hundred hives and put them in the boot of the car and take them away," he says.

"You're gonna have to have a truck which is properly equipped, some kind of heavy-lifting gear, you're gonna have to have specialised equipment to keep yourself safe."