Chiefs' behaviour 'is a crime' - stripper

Chiefs' behaviour 'is a crime' - stripper

Warning: This content may disturb some people.

A stripper hired for the Chiefs' end-of-season celebrations claims she had to use her martial arts training to punch a player in his private parts in an attempt to stop him touching her inappropriately.

In an exclusive interview with Story, the woman - known as Scarlette - says the players were rude to her "right from the first second [she] walked out" at the Okoroire hot pools.

"Show us your c*** was the first thing they said, and that just continued from there. Any person I went near, they were being told, 'Lick it, lick it'," she said.

"There was real peer pressure on them to act like mongrels."

She says the constant heckling was when her "warning bells" went off, telling her "that something wasn't right".

"I told them very firmly not to touch me, [and] that they need to respect me - that just wasn't followed, and it turned really nasty.

"They were touching me between the legs very forcefully - I was hit twice and then [a player] grabbed my vagina, to which I told him, 'No, you don't do that' and I pulled his hands away.

"He went straight back to doing it - I'm well trained in martial arts, and I use what I know - I kicked his head into the ground and put him into a chokehold and punched him in the genitals, and said, 'You don't touch me there, please'."

Scarlette said she was paid $320 for stripping and waitressing, but was offered a further $100 to continue dancing "for a couple more songs".

However, the team allegedly started pressuring her to let them do things to her, and after a while she agreed to let one player "lick a b***hole for $50" - but she says about four others also did so without her consent.

When asked whether she wanted the police involved, Scarlette said she was reluctant as a result of past experiences with them and the hefty emotional toll it can take.

"I don't want to put myself through that - but when you think about it, yes, it is wrong.

"It is a crime what they did."

Scarlette said she now wants to quit her job as a stripper, as this was the third occasion where she has been treated poorly by a large group of men.

Chiefs CEO Andrew Flexman says the allegations are being investigated by the club's management and New Zealand Rugby.