'Chiefs were rude from the start' - Stripper speaks out

'Chiefs were rude from the start' - Stripper speaks out

A stripper hired for the Chiefs' end-of-season celebrations claims she had to use her martial arts training to hit a player in his private parts in an attempt to stop him touching her inappropriately.

In an exclusive interview with Story, the woman - known as Scarlette - says the players were rude to her "right from the second [she] walked out" at the Okoroire hot pools.

She also says a group of Chiefs players encircled and heckled her when she made her entrance.

"It's a big outdoor area there, and when I walked outside, they just surrounded me and were just all standing there [saying], 'Oh, here she is, show us your bits, hurry up'," she said.

Listen to Amanda Gillies talking about her interview with Scarlette on RadioLIVE Drive.

Scarlette told Story she allowed one player to lick a private part for $50, but when she did so a number of other players also licked her without her permission.

She says one player was a little more forceful than the others and kept trying to touch a more intimate part of her, despite her making it clear she didn't want that to happen.

She says she then put one of the misbehaving players in a headlock, and subsequently struck him in his private parts.

Chiefs CEO Andrew Flexman says the allegations are being investigated by the club's management and New Zealand Rugby.

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