Chinese Shaolin Warriors with abs of steel


Spears, medal rods, bamboo sticks and meat cleavers. Those are some of the weapons the Shaolin Warriors are up against in their latest show.

More than 20 kung fu masters are coming to Auckland and Wellington in September to perform their traditional Chinese martial art.

Speaking through a translator, performer Wang Changian says he can't wait to show the country his culture.

"New Zealand is a very beautiful place and the people are very friendly. I am very excited to be here."

The show combines the best of tradition and strength.

"I am going to be showing a group stick show and different weapons like a spear and different Chinese tradition weapons and I did a lot of practice here and I want to show the people the best."

Auckland's Ponsonby Intermediate were lucky enough to get a sneak preview along with some local kung fu students. Ten-year-old Tayka Sup-anant couldn't believe her eyes.

"When he chopped the lettuce I couldn't even watch."

Her kung fu classmate Tane Bosman says he was inspired by the performance.

"It was amazing…the whole thing, I loved it all."

But they both agreed, cutting lettuce on their stomachs was not something they were going to try at home.

They will perform at the St James Theatre in Wellington from August 31 to September 4, and the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland from September 7 to 11.