Disgusted Chiefs fan burns rugby jersey

Chiefs fan Peter Mihaere prepares to burn his jersey (Supplied)
Chiefs fan Peter Mihaere prepares to burn his jersey (Supplied)

A disgusted Chiefs fan has burnt his jersey, outraged by allegations players have abused strippers - including inappropriately grabbing the women and spitting on them.

"I wanted to make a stand as a man, as a Māori and as a leader that this behaviour is unacceptable," Peter Mihaere says .

Mr Mihaere says he was a proud supporter of the Super Rugby team and wore his jersey almost everywhere.

However, he says he cannot condone the players' reported actions, which have left him sad and angry.

"I decided that burning my Super Rugby jersey, the badge I proudly wore until this week, was a good way of demonstrating that I no longer support a team that condones this level of behaviour," he says.

"I thought I might cringe at doing such a thing, but to be honest, I'm so angry about it that I am glad I have gotten rid of the thing and my association with their behaviour."

Mr Mihaere challenges other supporters to burn their jerseys, as a sign that "that this sort of crap is not acceptable".

"The Chiefs rugby team are no longer 'chiefs' in my eyes; they no longer hold mana in my opinion, and they have disgraced their region, their fans and Māori in doing so. Shame on you!"