Dotcom allowed to livestream court hearing

Kim Dotcom (file)
Kim Dotcom (file)

Kim Dotcom has been granted permission to livestream his appeal against extradition to the United States on YouTube.

Dotcom will provide his own camera, instead of piggybacking off a feed shared by MediaWorks and TVNZ.

The livestream will be delayed by 20 minutes, and all copies of the footage will need to be removed from the internet at the end of the trial. Chat features, including comments, will also have to be disabled on the feed.

Defence lawyer Ron Mansfield told the High Court in Auckland on Monday that conventional media reporting was unlikely to cover all aspects of the case and could be "unbalanced".

Concerns were raised by the prosecution that by livestreaming the hearing on the internet, the potential jury pool in the US would be contaminated, and that Dotcom was a party to the hearing, not a broadcaster.

Dotcom, 42, said the jury pool in the US was "already polluted with [Department of Justice] releases about my case".

The Auckland resident and three of his associates are accused of copyright infringement and money laundering in relation to his former filesharing website Megaupload.

The hearing is expected to last six weeks.