Looking for Pokemon? Look out for 'Fineymons'

Pokémon Go (Getty)
Pokémon Go (Getty)

Pokémon Go enthusiasts are causing parking pandemonium in Hamilton, with city officials warning they'll soon be collecting 'Fineymons'.

The mobile gaming hit uses 'augmented reality' to put the cute creatures in the real world. Wherever you see large groups of people walking around on their phones, they're probably playing Pokémon Go.

But Pokémon trainers are blocking driveways, parking in disability spaces and in no-stopping areas, says Hamilton City Council's parking team leader John Purcell.

"Fineymon is identified by its white rectangular shape, and different versions have a range of markings, usually with dollar signs in front of them," he says.

"They are often found wherever people park dangerously or illegally, and you might see a nest of them around Memorial Drive and Anzac Parade in the next few weeks."

In case the joke's flown over your head like a wild zubat, Mr Purcell says Pokémon Go players are risking fines if they continue to be a nuisance.

"While it's great that people are having fun around the city, risky parking, low light levels and people distracted by their phones is not a good combination. There are some areas which have become worse than others and we'll be working closely with police and our wardens to ensure safety around our roads," he says.

"We wish everyone luck in finding their Pokémon, but please respect the road rules, show consideration to others and keep safe while you catch 'em all."

Memorial Drive and Anzac Parade are next to the sprawling riverside Memorial Park and Parana Park.