New fares to make Auckland bus, train trips easier

  • 14/08/2016

Getting across Auckland without a car could be easier from Sunday, as Auckland Transport (AT) launches a new fare system and smartphone app.

AT says its new charging system will bring it into line with international standards. It has also launched AT Metro – a new app which includes the new fares zone map.

From August 14, fares will be calculated by how many zones you travel through, even if you get off one mode of transport and onto another.

For an adult going 1 zone, the AT HOP fare is $1.80, or $3.00 cash. All fares are shown on their website.

New fares to make Auckland bus, train trips easier

Commercial Manager Colin Homan says it's about making the city's public transport world class.

"It's very much like London or Melbourne, and other systems around the world that work this way."

He says colour-coded zones along with a new fare table will make it much easier for people to work out what their journey will cost.

"Simply add up the number of zones you are traveling through and use the fare table to work out your fare.

"Tag on and off each bus and train as you do now, and at the end of your journey you will be charged a single fare.

"During a journey you can use up to five buses or trains within four hours, with up to 30 minutes transfer time between each trip.

"The new system means you can take the fastest or most convenient option without paying more for doing so by using an AT HOP card. For example, if travelling from Howick to the city centre, it may be quicker to take a bus to Panmure and a train for the rest of the journey, rather than staying on the bus for the whole trip."