New Zealand faces banana shortage

Bananas (file)
Bananas (file)

New Zealand may be in the midst of its latest food-related crisis, with a Countdown supermarket in Ponsonby telling customers there may be limited banana stocks for the next two weeks.

This shortage comes after a boat carrying bananas broke down off the coast of Ecuador.

Countdown spokesperson James Walker said that there had been reduced stock recently in some stores due to the breakdown, but a new shipment will be on shelves from Thursday.

Opposition company Foodstuffs, which owns Pak 'n Save and New World supermarkets, said they were not affected by the shortage and customers need not worry.

"As we source fruit from multiple suppliers, Foodstuffs supermarkets are not affected by the recent banana boat delay from Ecuador," Head of External Relations Antoinette Laird said in a statement.

Banana shortages are not new in New Zealand supermarkets, with weather in growing countries and shipping delays previously affecting distribution.