Orcas close enough to touch in Auckland marina

(Sharon Norman)
(Sharon Norman)

An orca pod has made a surprise appearance at an Auckland marina this afternoon. 

Three adults and two calves made a splash at the Bayswater Marina, with some of them swimming right next to the floating pontoon.

Orcas close enough to touch in Auckland marina

A mother and her calf playing in the shallows (Sharon Norman)

Sharon Norman was there and said it was incredible experience.

"We could've touched them, that's how close they were."

She thinks there were only about 20 people lucky enough to see the whales.

"It was absolutely amazing experience because the water was so still. Everyone was in raptures that was down there."

Orcas close enough to touch in Auckland marina

Two orcas coming up for air (Sharon Norman)

While it is unusual to have the killer whales in the marina itself, Ms Norman thinks they were there for a feed.

"One of the mums caught a stingray when it was in the marina, which was really cool ... It took it and dived down."

The orcas stayed for around an hour before heading out and under the Harbour Bridge.

"One mum and two calves were stuck in the marina for a bit, then one calf got out back to its mum."

It is estimated between 150-200 orcas lives around New Zealand.