'Parking with a poem' - Dunedin parking tickets come with prose

A Dunedin City Council parking ticket.
A Dunedin City Council parking ticket.

Ever found your pay and display ticket just a little boring? A Dunedin duo believe they've found a way to stop ticket-holders snoring

So if you're paying for parking in Dunedin city Then from now on you can expect your ticket to be witty

The council's decided to give poetry a crack Words, prose and rhymes from eight amatuer poets will be printed on the back

The "Poetick" idea is the initiative of a local cultural group Who say it was a way to bring a smile without hiring a dance troupe

They're hoping to get school kids on board Getting poems published on a ticket is their reward

The machine in the Octagon will be the first to be used So not paying for parking will no longer be excused


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