Pike River families seek answers in court

Pike River families seek answers in court

Two relatives of the Pike River mine victims are in the Court of Appeal battling a decision not to hold someone to account for the deaths of 29 miners in 2010.

Anna Osborne lost her husband when the Pike River mine exploded and she's determined to fight for justice.

"We're the ones paying the life sentence now and we've had no justice, no accountability and it just makes me bloody angry."

She and Sonya Rockhouse - who lost her son - are appealing the High Court's ruling not to re-examine the legality of the Crown decision to trade charges against then chief executive Peter Whittall for more than $3 million of insurance money.

He had been facing a raft of health and safety charges, and Ms Rockhouse says he shouldn't have been allowed to walk away.

"He owes us to come back and tell us the truth, tell us what happened, why it happened, he must know."

And the pair won't back down until someone gives them answers.

"It's not over and it'll never be over until we have some form of justice and some form of closure," Ms Osborne says.

The case is set down for one day.