Police to armed fugitive Joshua Kite: 'We will find you'

Joshua Kite (supplied)
Joshua Kite (supplied)

Police have sent a message to wanted fugitive Joshua Mason Kite, who is on the run after allegedly shooting at police officers in Whangarei on Friday morning.

"We will find you. Whether it's today, tomorrow - we won't stop looking," says Detective Inspector Gary Lendrum.

"We would like to bring this to a peaceful resolution. We encourage his family, his friends to make contact with us and negotiate giving himself up and coming in to see us."

At a media conference in Auckland on Tuesday afternoon, Insp Lendrum also reminded anyone helping Kite avoid arrest could also get into serious trouble.

"We know that he has extensive criminal links and we believe that a number of associates are assisting him to avoid arrest.

"One of the messages I'd like to get through to people is that it is a criminal offence to assist people that are on the run. During the weekend we arrested a 25-year-old female and charged her with being an accessory after the fact, because she had assisted Mr Kite avoid arrest," says Insp Lendrum.

The unnamed female has been remanded in custody, say police.

Although police don't know where Kite is currently, they say they're completely confident they'll catch the parole violator.

"We will find Mr Kite. He knows that. His associates know that and I encourage him and his associates to simply make contact with us and come forward and we can bring this to a peaceful resolution," says Insp Lendrum.

"He can do that through a solicitor if he wishes to make contact with a solicitor and negotiate that way we're very comfortable with that."

Kite should be considered dangerous and is in possession of "a high-powered rifle", says Insp Lendrum.

He's described as about 1.83m tall and having brown curly hair. He was believed to be wearing a blue t-shirt with white writing and a brown zip-up hoodie on Friday.

Police are continuing to focus their search in Northland and the greater Auckland area.

Police to armed fugitive Joshua Kite: 'We will find you'