Property owners want erosion risks submerged

Property owners want erosion risks submerged

Campaigners want the impact of sea rise taken out of the hands of individual councils.

A report going to the Christchurch City Council on Thursday dismisses the findings of a study which says thousands of Christchurch properties are at risk of flooding and erosion as sea levels rise.

The report was put together by an expert panel, and claims flooding and erosion information put on thousands of LIMs last year may be legally unsound.

Tim Sintes, chair of group Coastal Residents United (CRU), says the whole experience has been very demoralising, on top of post-quake stress.

"For a lot of people it's the last straw, and I personally know people who have left because they did not want to fight this anymore. It's put a stigma on areas which were very unfounded."

CRU wants sea-rise risk assessments wiped from their property records and the area re-mapped.

"Our belief is that there should be a national standard set, and not every single council trying to do their own thing."

Six-thousand properties were identified as being susceptible to erosion in the July 2015 report, and 18,000 at risk of "coastal inundation" over the next century.

Last year Mr Sintes told local paper The Press that having the information on the properties' LIMs would have "huge insurance ramifications" and "destroy the equity people have in their homes".