Rambo the lamb springs a bit too early

Rambo the lamb springs a bit too early

A mild winter has led a young lamb right into the care of Auckland's SPCA after being saved from a property.

Rambo was without his mother when he was rescued by an SPCA inspector last week and is thought to be around two weeks old.

Rambo the lamb springs a bit too early

(SPCA Auckland)

A spokesperson says having lambs at the SPCA is uncommon, but they typically would see lambs in spring, not at the end of winter.

The lamb is currently getting round-the-clock care with several feedings a day, regular vet visits and is taken home by the organisation's farm manager at weekends.

And it's not just humans who've needed a few extra layers during the cold winter weather - Rambo's needed his own jumpers to keep warm too.

Rambo the lamb springs a bit too early

Rambo keeping warm inside (SPCA Auckland)

But if you're thinking that you'd like to adopt Rambo into his "forever home", the SPCA says he's not like any other pet.

"Our team wants to remind the public that if you have farm animals in your care, you can't assume that if you leave them out in the paddock they'll be fine."

Even if a home can be found for Rambo, it could be some time before he's strong enough and big enough leave SPCA care.

The SPCA has been documenting Rambo's growth and will let prospective owners know via their website and Facebook page when he's ready to be adopted out.