Special Rigs for Special Kids celebrates 25th anniversary

The trucks (Newshub.)
The trucks (Newshub.)

If you went for a road trip in Dunedin today, chances are you'd have met with a convoy of over 200 large trucks.

That's because Special Rigs for Special Kids was celebrating its 25 year anniversary.

It's a big day on Dunedin's calendar - the day a whole lot of special kids get to ride in a whole lot of special rigs.

"They smile, they love it. Any families I've had they just sit here in there and they grin," says Special Rig volunteer Owen Rooney.

The event started 25 years ago, and at the time organisers thought it would be a one off.

However, it's got bigger and bigger with proud truckies coming to Dunedin from all over the country.

"It's amazing, absolutely amazing - the turnout, the support we get from the community," says Special Rig organiser Greg Inch.

"Awesome event, fantastic, they really look forward to it," says mother Michelle Churnside.

More than 200 of all types of trucks gather to drive the families all around Dunedin.

The bystanders seem to love it, too.

"We love it, it's an annual highlight, the kids love seeing the trucks, especially the wee man," says Ryan Hannagan.

Even if it's a tad noisy.

After the ride it's back to base with a big BBQ and many happy kids.

And tomorrow, all the truckies will be back to their day jobs.