Wellington Movie Museum's 'fishy' new design

The design from Cable St. (Photo: WCC/Studio Pacific Architecture)
The design from Cable St. (Photo: WCC/Studio Pacific Architecture)

A new, innovative design proposal has been released for the upcoming Wellington Movie Museum and Conference Centre.

Studio Pacific Architecture - the company tasked with designing the major tourist attraction - have proposed a $150m design proposal, taking inspiration from Wellington's position in Maori mythology as the head of Maui's fish. 

The building would be covered in fish-like scales made from aluminium plates, allowing it to glisten in the sun.

However, the Wellington City Council originally only approved a design costing $134.4m - meaning the project needs to appear before the council again.

A cheaper, more basic design which comes within the original proposed budget has also been released, which the architects called "simple, rational, modernist".

Wellington Movie Museum's 'fishy' new design

Proposed "basic version" of Wellington Movie Museum (WCC/Studio Pacific Architecture). 

The more expensive design has been described as a "statement building" which would draw upon Wellington's maritime location and put the capital on the world map, as the Opera House does for Sydney.

Public support for the proposal has been high, and high-profile endorsements have come in from departing Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, and her deputy Justin Lester.

Mr Lester said that as the design is within the original project parameters, the council does not need to consult the public again.

The museum will house Sir Peter Jackson's extensive movie memorabilia collection across two floors, as well as feature a 1000-seat conference centre on the top floor.

While the Wellington City Council will own the building, Sir Peter and WETA Workshop's Sir Richard Taylor will run the museum and Movie Museum Ltd will cover costs for the internal fit-out.

A construction deadline has yet-to-be-announced.