Wellington retailers warned about counterfeit cash

Wellington retailers warned about counterfeit cash

People in the Wellington region are asked to be on the lookout for counterfeit money following a police bust in the area.

Three people have been arrested following a search warrant earlier this month in which several printers were seized. Charges of using a forged document have been laid.

The operation was the result of six local retailers who'd come across the counterfeit money over several months.

Though the trio have been arrested, Detective Senior Sergeant Warwick McKee says people should still be on the lookout for any other fake notes which could be circulating.

He says retailers who are suspicious of cash they're given should:

Refuse to accept the note and contact police immediately

Record the description of the person offering it

Record the number plate and description of any vehicles used by the person all, preferably while the person is still in or near the shop.

Snr Sgt McKee says the easy way to tell the difference between the real and fake notes is the latter can be ripped because they're made out of paper. The real notes are made of a polymer.

Any retailer who thinks they already have some of the fake notes should put them aside in an envelope and call police.

The Reserve Bank has recently put brand new notes into circulation with upgraded security features as well as a stylistic update.

It says while New Zealand has low levels of counterfeiting by international standards, it still pays to be vigilant about bank notes.