Assaults and robberies on the rise, crime stats say

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There were more assaults and robberies last month compared with August 2015, the latest crime statistics show.

There were 4095 assaults, up 6.2 percent, and 393 incidents of robbery, extortion and related offences, up 36.5 percent.

Sexual assaults declined 2.1 percent to 420.

In the year to August, the increase in assaults was 8.5 percent and the increase in robberies, extortion and related offences was 15.4 percent.

Statistics NZ released the figures on Friday.

Police Minister Judith Collins said in a statement burglaries continued to be the single largest factor behind the increases.

"Police are continuing to place a significant focus on burglaries with the new policy of full attendance at dwelling burglaries," she said.

"However, as the policy only went live on August 29 it will take until December to see what change it will have."

Labour's police spokesman, Stuart Nash, said the statistics painted a dismal picture.

"There is only one answer to the ever-increasing rates of crime - more police," he said.

"A Labour government would prioritise more front line cops so people can feel safe in their communities."