Bashford Antiques hits back at angry 'bludgers'

Bashford Antiques, Ponsonby (
Bashford Antiques, Ponsonby (

If you're looking for insight into Auckland's brewing class war, a virtual conflict unfolding online is a great place to start.

Following the expose on Story last night about its harsh car clamping campaign, Ponsonby's posh Bashford Antiques has had its Facebook page hit with several negative reviews and critical comments.

But if you think these fine sirs and madams would stand by quietly as the angry rabble made ghastly comments about their ever-so-fabulous business, you are gravely mistaken.

No, no, no, my dear. These sorts of outrageous attempts to besmirch good folk by the lower classes must be dealt with in the best way possible.

With hilariously snooty comments.

"Bashford Antiques does not desire customers of your ilk and whom fit your profile (sic)," the Facebook page for the business states to one unhappy member of the public.

Bashford Antiques hits back at angry 'bludgers'

The car clamping will continue with gusto, the page states. And whoever is running it also cares not for any potential negative effects of the heated comments.

"Our customer base does not rely on this site [Facebook]. Perhaps you could all supply your home and work addresses and we can get a mob of bludgers to park there."

Generally referring to themselves in the third person, some of the page's comments are so preposterous they appear to be in jest - or do they?

"None of you have ever been customers of our business and fit the profile of our law abiding elite customer base. If you park at Bashford's again unlawfully you will be clamped and towed again."

Bashford Antiques hits back at angry 'bludgers'

In another comment, the Facebook page's administrator became so upset they even questioned if one of the commenters was human.

"I mean who and what are you? A potential customer? NEVER," it exclaims, presumably in a voice similar to that of Stephen Fry in Blackadder.

"Bludgers are not a priority."

At the time of writing, the business' Facebook page has 52 reviews; 47 of which are of the dreaded one star variety.

Bashford Antiques hits back at angry 'bludgers'